Engelsrufer – your protective companion

The Engelsrufer pieces of jewelry are as versatile as life itself. They can be combined to suit the mood and the occasion: different chains and Chimes in nine different basic colors make the pieces of jewelry unique. According to the outfit, the Engelsrufer pendants can be opened and the Chime can be replaced. This means the pieces of jewelry always match your look.

Engelsrufer Chime pendant – meaningful and unique

Each Engelsrufer Chime enchants with its unique sound and meaning. It summons your personal guardian angel and at the same time, depending on the color, gives you: strength, passion, love, hope or self-confidence. The red Chime of the Engelsrufer pendant gives you love and strength, the green one gives hope and health, blue increases the ability to concentrate and turquoise strengthens self-confidence. Engelsrufer pendants are the perfect accessory and your protective companion - for a lifetime.


All pendants are precisely handcrafted with great attention to detail from 925 sterling silver. The high-quality silver jewelry is also available with rose gold and yellow gold plating.


The unique Engelsrufers with interchangeable Chimes and their individual meaning are perfect gifts for every occasion. They are good luck charms, protectors or wonderful keepsakes that come from the heart.